What Will This Protect Me From?

An interactive site specific performance art piece exploring intention, politics, and the color yellow at Studio 408 in Portland, ME.

Tumbling Tumbleweed

A performance that viscerally tackled the process of writing, the mythology surrounding the American West, and the cleansing support of loved ones.

Horror Vacuii

“Nature abhors a vacuum”—Aristotle
Horror Vacuii worked over three days, as a reaction to a public art policy at Bates College, which allowed college employees to take down and destroy a public art piece halfway through its completion.
In the same space, I created an artificial blank space, inspired by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s 2002 Learning to Love You More project. Passerby's were encouraged to participate. 
Prompts included:

Complete one or more of the following:

List 3 sets of opposites.

Draw a lamp.

  Paraphrase something thoughtful that you’ve learned, memorized, heard, said, read about, etc. in the last few days.

Draw a circle.

  Briefly react to the word “FULL” through a drawing, writing, or anything else.