2020. Proposal for public art, education, and bioremediation intervention in Conway Park, Somerville MA. Project proposal for Make//Believe at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.  


(Re) Plant: Conway Park) renders toxins—both environmental and social—visible in Somerville’s Conway Park. 

This project digs deeply into this history and responds to it. Through a phased intervention, I propose Re(Plant): Conway Park, a project that centers legibility, challenges dominant narratives, and uses plants to help radically heal the scarred land Conway Park sits atop. This public art intervention, centering healing and communal well-being, is a phased plan to: (1) create immediate signage making the fact that lead is present far more clear (2) fabricate spirals that center truth-telling narratives (3) a layered gardening project that allows plants to be part of healing through planting spinach and sunflower patches and raised beds. (Re)Plant’s engages with land healing and truth telling at the intersection of critical theory, indigenous theory, and feminist theory. In recognizing that healing cannot always be simple or feel-good, (Re)Plant takes on a truth-telling lens in which plant knowledge, interconnectedness of species, and a deep engagement with history can begin to heal a scarred, toxic site for the benefit of a community.